About us

G&G Dream Homes is the brainchild of Georgi and Giovanna who, having found their own dream homes in Bulgaria, decided to share the special beauties of this wonderful country with others.

With their extensive experience of renovating older homes they are perfectly placed to find interesting properties for enterprising buyers and see them all the way through the process of purchasing and restoring hidden gems in the Bulgarian countryside.

G&G Dream Homes is offering a unique service which supports foreign buyers every step of the way. They offer both brand new and traditional properties across Bulgaria.

The team

Georgi Draganov

Managing Director

Overseeing after-sales services including;
Construction, Renovations, Maintenance and Security

Giovanna Hammet

Sales Director

Overseeing Pre-sales services including;
Viewings, contracts, translations

Michael Mason

Technical Director

Head of Logistics

Peppa Dragonov

Interior Designer

Supporting after-sales

Aaron Galea

IT Director

Overseeing website design and maintenance